Pattern design 2019

Date: 02/ 2019
Software: Affinity designer, adobe illustrator, adobe photoshop
Work: Repetitive pattern design
Story: I started drawing consistently in year 2019 on my iPad, and soon discovered how much I enjoy to make repetitive pattens. So I created some, and then I discovered the world of print of demand services; where you can upload your artwork / designs on products online for sale, or very easily start a web shop with products for sale.

It's fun to see your designs on products and as a very curious person I tried several different sites as;  Printful, Redbubble, Society 6, shopify, Gooten, Ecwid, Zazzle,Threadless ...It was a real jungle of endless options!  

After uploading some of my designs on Threadless, I started to notice how much time it takes to create the products. So after this experience I've decided that I will focus only on creating new designs, and will be posting my designs for sale online instead.

Still have some of my designs are still for sale at Threadless if you like to check them out:

Below is some examples of some products with my Lotus flower design.


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